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Posted on 18 June 2024

The word "vegan" has become very familiar and popular in recent years; there is a growing trend towards animal-cruelty-free products, and safety footwear is no exception.

STC has developed a selection of high-quality, 100% vegan safety footwear made from CHEMTECH, a super-strong and waterproof microfiber. With a leather-like appearance, microfiber does not come from animal matter. It is made from non-woven and laminated synthetic fibers that combine flexibility and leather finish.

Whether you're concerned about animal welfare, looking for a durable material or simply looking for better safety footwear for your working environment, you'll find that microfiber footwear can perform very well. Discover the 7 benefits of microfiber for your safety footwear needs. 


  1. WATERPROOF: STC microfiber safety footwear features H2O Seal technology, which uses high-quality waterproof materials with sealed and water-repellent seams.
    Effective against water infiltration and various contaminants, you'll be protected and dry.
  2. RESISTANCE: Considered 3 times more resistant than leather, microfiber stands out from other materials. It enhances the longevity of footwear and meets a number of workers' needs, such as:
  • Blood resistant
  • Animal fat resistant
  • Resistant to dairy products
  • Lactic acid resistant (manure)
  • Resistant to several chemicals (hydrogen peroxide, nitric acid, etc.)

Although multi-layered, microfiber is less resistant than leather to sharp surfaces (rocks, blades, etc.) and can lose its properties if cut. Depending on your working environment and the tools you use, this is something to consider.

3. EASY CARE: Unlike leather, microfiber doesn't need to be maintained or polished. A simple wipe with a damp cloth is often enough to remove dirt and contaminants. As a waterproof material, there's also no need to apply protective products such as wax.
IMPORTANT: Never use cleaning products containing silicone, as this could damage the microfiber's protective layer and compromise its waterproofing.

4. VERSATILITY: CHEMTECH microfiber is suitable for a number of industries, offering adequate and high-performance protection:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction (concrete)
  • Mining, Oil & Gas
  • Agri-food

5. DURABILITY: Faced with certain contaminants (grease, dairy products, cement, chemicals...), microfiber safety footwear does not need to be changed as often as leather ones. In summary, they retain their appearance and perform longer.

6. COMFORTABLE: Microfiber is lightweight, flexible, soft and wear-resistant. It offers greater comfort and support than rain boots, while providing a degree of waterproofing.

7. ANTIMICROBIAL: Microfiber has a smooth and non-porous surface that's easy to clean. This prevents the footwear from being contaminated by blood or other liquids, animal fats or dust that are harder to remove from leather.


 In summary, microfiber leather is the highest level of synthetic leather, simulating the structure of natural leather. It has many characteristics similar to those of natural leather, but its physical and chemical performance are sometimes better. Because of its excellent performance, microfiber leather is sometimes the optimal alternative to genuine leather.

Don't forget that microfiber is used for many purposes, from furniture to sportswear and car seats. It combines durability, comfort, waterproofing, protection and easy care.

See our selection of vegan microfiber shoes:

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